Between 2001 and 2010, Haim Chanin Fine Arts proposed nearly 40 solo and group exhibitions in New York and in Europe.

Below an archive of its past exhibitions: 



66 Pieces of Art on the Wall (group show)


Graciela Sacco, M2 (Exhibition presented at Espace Berggruen, Paris, France)
Pierrette Bloch, Selected Works


Dominique Labauvie, Turning Point
Pierrette Bloch


Eduardo Santiere, Draw In
Paul Moran


Jean-Michel Fauquet, Kaïros
Jorge Oteiza
Jorge Oteiza (Exhibition presented at Espace Berggruen, Paris, France)
Vicky Colombet, Difference and Repetition
Objects and Lenses, Reclaimed Focus (Works by Genevieve Maquinay and Isabelle Armand)


Black and White Abstractions (Works by Pierrette Bloch, Vicky Colombet, Edith Derdyk, Susan Hartnett, Paul Moran, Robert Morris, Lucía Warck-Meister, Pierre Soulages, and Shirley Paes Leme)
Joaquim Chancho, Pintura Pintada
Drawing on the Wrong Side of the Brain
(Curator: Lyle Rexer. Works by Joaquim Chancho, Vicky Colombet, Pierluigi Consagra, Pietro Consagra, Henri Dimier, Dan Estabrook, Agustin Fernandez, Leon Ferrari, Joanne Greenbaum, Michelle Segre, Molly Smith, Gerry Snyder, Harald Stoffers, Harvey Tulcensky, and Zush/Evru)
Heribert C. Ottersbach, Raised to Modernity
Vicky Colombet, Nothing to See from the Ground


Serene Obsession (Works by Robert Bowen, Maggie Cardelus, Edith Derdyk, Máximo González, Virginia Katz, Seth Kaufman, Eduardo Santiere and Alejandra Villasmil)
Hervé di Rosa, The Solo Group Show
Pierre Soulages, Works on Paper
Spain Revisited (Works by Frederic Amat, Joaquim Chancho, Evru/Zush, Angel Haro, Jorge Oteiza, Dominica Sanchez, Soledad Sevilla, and Zumeta)
Graciela Sacco, Shadows from the South and the North


Winds (Works by Ariadna Capasso, Vicky Colombet, Virginia Katz, and Shirley Paes Leme)
Karin Waisman, The Garden of Eden
Frederic Amat, 100 Drawings rom India and Other Objects
Angel Haro
Evru, The Second Incarnation: From Zush to Evru


Heribert C. Ottersbach
Jorge Oteiza
Ofelia Rodriguez
Robert Morris, Blind Time Drawings
Pending (Works by Edith Derdyk and Lucía Warck-Meister)


Soledad Sevilla, The Island of the Turtle
Matta, Don Qui 1605-1985
Agustin Cardenas, Desire and Grace
Joaquim Chancho, New Abstractions
Georges Noël, Palimpsest